Recruitment 2017 Dates

Recruitment 2017 will begin on Monday, August 7th with Recruitment Orientation, and will end on Monday, August 14th with Bid Day.  Here are some important dates for Recruitment 2017:

Saturday, July 29 - In-house sorority women can move in, official disaffiliation            
for Recruitment Counselors, no further contact of sorority women with Potential New
Sunday, August 6 – Potential New Members (PNMs) move into residence halls, Parent Orientation,  No recruitment activities for PNMs today 
Monday, August 7 - PNMs move into residence halls, Parent Orientation, Recruitment Orientation for PNMs
Tuesday, August 8 – Round One (Open House)
Wednesday, August 9 – Round One (Open House)
Thursday, August 10 – Round Two (
Friday, August 11 - Round Two (Philanthropy) 
Saturday, August 12 – Round Three (House Tours)
Sunday, August 13 – Preferential Round 
Monday, August 14– Bid Day; UGA Classes Begin

Click to see a detailed schedule for Recruitment 2017. 

For more information on UGA's Recruitment, visit UGA Panhellenic's website