Letter From Our Recruitment Chair

Hey y'all! I’m Jackie Gardner, and I am the current Vice President of Membership. I can't even begin to describe how excited I am for recruitment this August!

Freshman year, I went through recruitment because I wanted to make more friends outside of my highschool bubble, but I didn’t think that I would end up actually joining one. I still vividly remember the skeptical looks on my parents faces when I said I wanted to sign up for recruitment because I didn’t match the famous “sorority girl” stereotype. A few hours into the first round, I began to realize that I really wanted to be a part of the Greek community. As I walked into Delta Gamma, any remaining reservations dissolved; I had the most genuine conversations and met women who cared about their sisters and the sorority. When I stepped onto Delta Gamma’s lawn on Bid Day, I had no idea how important DG would become to me or that I was joining something so much bigger than myself.

Over the past three years, I have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime and memories that I will look back on in 30 years and still laugh about. Whether it was gamedays, socials, date nights, Big-Little reveal, philanthropy events, or just late night pranks living in the house, almost all of my favorite college memories have involved at least one of my sisters. I have found a greater support system within Delta Gamma than I could have ever imagined, and I have over 260 sisters that encourage me to become a better version of myself everyday.

Recruitment is a crazy and exhausting process, but take it from all of us who have gone through, it is, without a doubt, worth it. The most important advice I can give for anyone considering recruitment is to go in with an open mind and choose a chapter that is not only reflective of who you are but also who you want to become. Look around and consider if the girls you are meeting are the kind of friends you are looking to make. Pick the house where you are most comfortable and where you have the most meaningful conversations. Each of the 18 sororities at UGA are unique and have something different to offer, you just have to find the one that feels like home for you.

I cannot wait to welcome you to our home in August! GO DAWGS!

Jackie Gardner